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Like Daddy, like Ethan.

I really, really love it when Ethan wants to do the things Nick does.  Nick has some pretty challenging and rewarding interests and seeing Ethan excited to be a part of it is so great!  After Nick's cyclocross race on Halloween, Ethan got to enter his first bike race.  The great thing about getting kiddos involved in sports, music, or any hobby early is that they have nothing to lose.  They have no need to feel nervous, no expectations, no regrets!IMG_4109He got his own race number. 

IMG_4106Getting his gear in order before the race.

IMG_4197Focusing before the start.

IMG_4201At the starting line.

IMG_4203Checking out the competition.

IMG_4204Waiting for the go-ahead.

IMG_4206And they were off!

IMG_4210He seemed proud of his performance!


IMG_4215The 2 finishers. 

IMG_4218A little post-race hydration.

IMG_4223Refueling with some electrolytes (capri-sun) and complex carbs (fruit snacks).

IMG_4224A shot of all the participants who rode in their costumes.

It was such a fun morning! 


Making a bucket list was the inspiration for starting this blog.  A lot of the goals on our lists are not things that can be done anytime soon.  Either they would cost too much money, involve too much time off of work, or can't be done with kiddos.  So, after we finished our lists, I wanted to see what was there that could be done now–to get the bucket list ball rolling!  On Nick's list was "Compete in a cyclocross race."  Nick has always had a passion for road cycling but we've both let kids (1 kid), jobs, and daily to-do's and stresses dampen our fitness and health goals.  We have all the things Nick (and I) need to hit wheels to the road: bikes, shoes, helmets, trailer for Ethan, and lots of spandex.  We talked about how the only way to change or daily lives to fit our priorities is to change our daily lives to fit our priorities.  Enlightening, I know–but it really is that simple when you break it all down.  Cyclocross is part road cycling and part mountain biking.  It requires good bike-handling skills (which Nick has), the races are in the fall/winter season (which is now), there is a series held at Woodward Park (no traveling required), and the races are on Sundays (when we're both off work).  Perfect circumstances.  So this was the 1st bucket list item we would set our sights on!  So Nick started riding and training, we both started eating healthy to offset the physical punishment of spandex, and on Halloween, Nick crossed off the first item on his list.   IMG_4101 We got to the park and Nick set up his bike and signed in to get his race numbers.

 IMG_4102Ethan was the cutest fan there.
IMG_4182Emily made us all some awesome signs to help cheer Nick on.
IMG_4112The cheer squad was in full force.  
IMG_4111We had some Halloween fun while we waited for the race to start. 
IMG_4136Nick (far left) at the starting line. 
IMG_4155Coming up to the barriers. 
IMG_4181Remounting after the barriers.  This is a hot-spot for crashes but Nick made it through them smoothly each time.
He finished strong and we all had so much fun cheering him on.  It's not everyday that you can put check-marks on your bucket list.  I was so proud of him!  Is there anything on your list that you could start working towards today? - So awesome! So proud of Nick and how great he did! Super fun times and whoop whoop to crossing one off the bucket list!! :)

Halloween Wrap Up

We had a very full and fun Halloween with great friends. You can check out more of the fun and awesome pics here.  Hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend!

Emily - this pic is sooo cute! lov it!!:D

Pumpkins Part 2

Pumpkin carving requires quite a bit of detailed attention and quite a bit of time too!  So Nick and I waited for an opportunity to carve ours without the company of Ethan.  We usually watch a few of our favorite TiVo'd shows after Ethan goes to bed, so pumpkin carving was a fun change.  We could not remember ever carving pumpkins together, which means it has been at least 15 years since either of us has done it!  To commemorate our first pumpkin-carving date, we decided to choose some fun designs instead of the traditional jack-o-lantern faces.  We had a lot of fun and were pretty pleased with the final products! We ended up with Ethan's cat, Nick's Jack Skellington, and my witch.  Anyone else carve pumpkins this year?

Emily - thats soo cool!

Pumpkins Part 1

I knew Ethan was still a bit too young to do pumpkin carving this year, which is why we did our craft pumpkins.  But after our trip to the pumpkin patch, we decided to give it a try.  Ethan started out rather excited to make his spooky cat pumpkin.

Until he saw this…

And this.  The smell of the pumpkin guts turned him off quick!

Here's Ethan actually gagging! 

We convinced him to take one scoop of the seeds out, and then he was DONE!  IMG_4010

So Nick did this… 

While Ethan did this…

And Nick did this…

While Ethan did this.

And Nick did some more of this…

While Ethan did this. 
In the end, we ended up with a really cute pumpkin (you'll see a pic in the next post). I'm just glad Nick enjoyed doing all the work!

Emily - maybe in a year or two E will get into it i know i was!:)you guys did a great job with your pumpkins!

Heidi - Haha! He was seriously gagging, I really thought he was going to throw up a couple of times! - Oh my goodness. Seriousyly laughing out loud right now. Hilarious..did he REALLY gag at the inside of the pumpkin?? Soooo funny. :) Your pumpkins were awesome even though E wasn’t into it!