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The First Cake

So here it is…my first fondant cake that started my recent cake-making frenzy!  I made this ‘modern circles and stripes’ cake last year for my sis-in-law’s birthday.  I had said to Nick, “Those cakes on The Food Network are so awesome, I wonder if we could try one.”  And off to Michaels I went with my 40%-off-any-one-regular-priced-item coupon in hand to get some supplies. We had fun (though we were up all night: Lesson #1, plan early and start early) and I was excited to end up with a cute cake.  This cake is not too much to brag about in regards to taste–I was focused all on appearance (how shallow of me) and not on “homemade-ness” as I am now.  I used Wilton boxed fondant and boxed cake-mix.  Now, 1 KitchenAid Stand Mixer later, (Merry Christmas from Nick 2009) I’m committed to fresh ingredients and scratch (thank you allrecipes) recipes.  (Have you had enough parenthesis yet?)  For those of you who got a taste of “The First Cake”, thanks for the compliments that encouraged me to make more!


I’m joining a couple of cake-making sites/blogs.  For any readers interested in cakes, I’ll share the sites that are helpful, inspirational, and/or fabulous as I find them!  I’m going to be posting my cakes on to my blog to share with any cake-making/baking friends I find.  These posts will be repeats for my facebook friends and fam but I wanted to get them all on here, so hopefully you’ll enjoy revisiting the pics again.:D 

Tid Bits

Life has been fairly quiet this week.  I’ve just been doing little bits of this and that.  Nothing exciting, which has been nice.   Nick had another cyclocross race this past weekend and Ethan upped his game for the kids race by switching to his regular bike instead of the big wheel.  Here’s my favorite photo from the race:  

Another tid bit:  Yesterday, when I was unloading groceries, my neighbor was working in her yard and gave me some flowers she had just cut.  They brightened my table and my mood.  Aren’t they beautiful?

And lastly, cake-making is picking up over the next month or so.  I’ve been working on a cake for an oh-so-sweet girl who will be turning 7.  I’ve been making my first gumpaste flowers and am surprised at how much I loved doing these.  I’ll post the whole cake after the birthday girl has seen it first, but here’s a preview:

Has your week been quiet or busy?  Which do you prefer?  For all of the Monday thru Friday-ers, enjoy your upcoming weekend.:)


So, I'm in a funk.  Today is day 2 of it.  The problem with funks is that your mood is difficult to rationalize.  The way you're feeling is usually not in proportion to what's happening around you.  Things are good!  Yet I feel dumpy.  It puts a screeching halt to all motivation, inspiration, and productivity.  It makes me a master at disengagement.  My funky moods start with feeling a bit down, then highly irritable, then annoyed at myself, then guilty for dragging others into my pit, then depressed for not being able to pinpoint what started the whole thing to begin with.  Not a fun cycle to be revolving in.  I'm beginning to wonder if I should just embrace my funks when they're happening instead of trying to explain them.  Maybe move forward in my day even if the funk tags along instead of stopping everything to make time to judge myself for feeling down.  If I wake up tomorrow with this mood still lingering, I'm going to try the embracing and moving on method.  Anyone else battling with a funk recently?  Do you all have any advice on how to extinguish it?  Thanks friends; for listening.

Getting Snow Ready

One day of cooler weather was all it took to switch our minds on to winter mode.  Costco had a great deal on gloves and Payless came through with their BOGO sale for snow boots for everyone.  They didn’t have a lot to choose from but the selection of boots they did have were pretty cute and the price was right.  If you need snow boots, I’d check them out!  We haven’t taken the short drive up to the snow in a loooong time and we’ve never taken Ethan.  This year we plan on winding up the 168 for snow play as much as we can.  Anyone want to join us?! - that picture is adorable. Such a cute family of snow bunnies! :) I’m soo going with you!