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The Color Run-San Francisco

Be prepared for a blast of color in the coming photos!  A few weeks ago I spent a girls weekend in San Francisco for The Color Run with six other friends.  I came ready to put my camera to use!  We spent the night before the run just having fun.  Dinner, wine, painting shirts, and we threw in a mini dance party while we were at it.  My pre-apologies for the fish face.  What can I say?!

Lucky us, we registered for the later start time for the run so we had plenty of morning time for quiche, coffee, hydrating,–ahheemm–(mimosas anyone?) and getting colored up in our gear.  
We took a short drive to Candlestick Park and arrived with plenty of time before the start to get photos of the members on our team roster.

And now I’ll introduce the vibrant members of The Rainbow Brights—(please read these in your mind like a sports announcer so you get the effect, okay?!)

Leading the way in the rainbow spectrum, representing only the finest color of wine, is our weekend hostess with the mostess…..Kristy “Wineaux” Cropper!!

Next up, all the way from Colorado, soaking up sunny California-her home away from home-is the Birthday Girl…Sheri “Iddy Biddy” Morrison!!

And now, making sure she told-you-so, is our Bay Area tour guide extraordinaire, Jaime “TMITYSMF” (wrap your mind around that one!) Blanchard!!

Right in the middle, blending both ends of the rainbow seamlessly, is our classy road-trip chauffeur–Heather “Heazy” Betner!!

Up next, rounding the rainbow corner with her camera in your grill, is yours truly–Heidi “Cupcake” Betner!!

Now up to bat is the lovely-ready at any minute to whip up an amazing and ballzy DIY project-, Jennifer “Amaze-Ballz” Brantley!!

And blinging out the end of the rainbow in style, is the always spunky and vivacious–Ashley “$M@SH” Clark!!

Everyone was ready and willing to amuse me while I captured some of the fun while we were still crisp and bright.  Gooooooo Team!!

We lined up-or more accurately-clustered up with thousands of others waiting for the start.  Colors were already flying.
We headed out for the 5K and traveled every way our feet could take us.  We jogged, skipped, grape-vined, walked, and strolled through the color stations to make sure we got our fair share of the color blasts.  There was no timer ticking, just a goal to enjoy the company of friends and the gorgeous San Francisco weather.
The post race party kept the lively fun going.  We busted open our color packets and finished off the job!  I definitely spent several days scrubbing off all the residual color.  I’m telling you, that powder sticks.  Confession coming now; my color run shoes and clothes are still sitting in a bag in my laundry room so I’m not sure yet how the washing out of color will go.

I had a fantastic weekend with great friends and I enjoyed some laughs, some relaxing, and some tasty eats and drinks. Thanks ladies for some colorful memories!


Everyday Life: Breakfast

Everyday Life:  it is simple truth that my day to day life is slowly leading to the big picture of my life as a whole.  Every minute counts toward the hour.  The little things really do add up to the big things.  Right now I am on slow, overhauling journey of replacing my habits of distraction, anxiety, and ingratitude with habits of finding thanksgiving and joy in the small parts of my days.  I’m training my heart and mind to think less about what I want from this life and more about what I have already been given.  All I truly have is what is in front of me today.  Today I am thankful for breakfast.  

Rowan and milk.  So simple, so small, but such over-sized beauty in these tiny moments.


One Man’s Junk

This morning I introduced Ethan to the tricks of the trade of yard sale picking.  We had a great little morning together and crossed off our first 2012 Summer Bucket List item–Saturday Morning Yard Sale-ing. It’s not officially summer yet, and it was pretty chilly this morning too, but it’s never to soon to start making little life memories happen.  Ethan did a great job trying to hold out for good finds rather then spend all his dollars on the first kid stuff he came across.  His patience paid off when he scored a space shuttle and launch pad at our last stop of the morning for 3 bucks!  He has spent the last few hours launching into space over and over again with his bargain find.  I found my own 3 buck treasure too-a Martha Stewart dutch oven.  Nick and I have never been able to commit to throwing down the cash for the real-deal Le Creusets that shine so lovely at Sur La Table, so we’re both pretty stoked with this find. I’ll be Pinterest-searching very soon for recipes to try it out.  If you’re blessed with time to be with your family or friends today, give them a squeeze and enjoy the day!


A New Smile

Just a few nights ago, my 5-year old ran out from the bathroom during bedtime teeth brushing to find me.

“Mommy, come quick.  You have to come see what’s happening to me!”—–

Uhh, what?!  I had no idea what I might discover in there.  He seemed urgently excited-rather than concerned-so I followed and hoped that whatever it was wouldn’t require fixing via a plunger, tools, excessive towels, or a trip to the urologist……

Ethan jumped up on his step stool and showed me his first loose tooth that Nick had just discovered while helping him brush.  He was sooo excited.  I hugged him tight, told him how incredibly cool that is, and stepped out to tell myself to pull it together and not dive into a soul-searching meltdown over the meaning of my boy’s first loose tooth.  It just hit me as a defining moment of his transition from baby boy to just plain-and-simple boy.  Not a hint of baby left for sure.

We’ve been watching that bad boy like a hawk for a few days and it quickly went from having a slight wiggle to having a major wiggle.  I knew I’d better capture that contagious smile in all its little boy glory before it was forever changed.

I’m glad I did because tonight it’s looks like we’ll be leaving a night light on for the tooth fairy.  That little tooth is tucked snug under my boy’s pillow while Nick and I sit up deciding how much coinage the tooth fairy leaves these days.
I barely had time to blink before that tooth went from loose to missing and I definitely think I’m just as infatuated with this new smile as I was with the original.

Auntie Heather - Love this so much. He melts me…and now even more with that adorable toothless grin. He’s getting so big so fast…I couldn’t help but tear up myself. xoxo