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Ghostly Seats

I found this idea for Halloween seatcovers online but now that I'm trying to look up the website to give credit, I can't find it!  Anyhow, someone online shared their great idea and I thought I'd give it a try. I bought 6 white pillowcases and washed and ironed them.  Michaels was out of black felt (OUT OF BLACK FELT a week before Halloween?!?! Come on Michaels, really?!) so I had to improvise.  They had $0.99 black reusable shopping bags that worked out great. IMG_4036I couldn't find ghost face templates that I liked, so I drew out some friendly and some spooky ghost eyes and mouths. 
IMG_4039I printed out a bat template and went about cutting out my ghost faces and bats from the black bags.  Then I was ready to put it all together.IMG_4045I wasn't sure what type of glue would be best so I used Tacky Glue because I already had some.  It dried fast and held great. 
Ethan loved the finished product!  Like I said here, Halloween never gets much attention at our house but I figured a few decorations would be fun since we had plans this year.  I wanted to get this posted before Halloween in case anyone else wanted to try this easy project.  You'll just have to keep it in mind for next year!

Emily - for all the stress they caused you they turned out really cute:)

Simonian Farms

Last weekend we headed to Simonian Farms to stroll around their pumpkin patch.  We opted out of going to Cobb Ranch to check out the corn maze when I found out you have to pay to get in, and pay more if you want to do anything!  Simonian Farms had a free haunted caboose which I thought we might be able to convince Ethan to go through.  He hates scary things but loves trains, so I figured we had a 50-50 shot.  As soon as he heard the spooky music and screaming coming from inside, there was not even a 1% chance he was about to step foot in there, train or not!  So we strolled around, did a hay ride around the farm, and picked out some pumpkins.  It was short, sweet, and cheap!IMG_3937
IMG_3938 Waiting for the hayride.
IMG_3941 Getting bored waiting for the hayride.
IMG_3945 Me telling Nick that he's taking entirely too many pictures.
IMG_3954Can't remember what we were looking at here but I love the matching faces! 
IMG_3989Our hayride chauffeur. 
IMG_3991Starting our search for our perfect pumpkin. 
IMG_3994Ethan found his first. 
IMG_3996Then Nick. 
IMG_3997 Of course I took the longest to choose my pumpkin.  I have this never-ending little problem of questioning every decision I make–big or small–including picking a pumpkin!  But here's the winning pumpkin. Happy Halloween friends!

Emily - that hayride looks really fun!

Emily - you look ao atrong holdin that pumpkin haha

Halloween Love

Halloween usually doesn’t get much love at my house.  The only Halloween decoration I have is Ethan’s dollar store trick-or-treat pumpkin bucket from last year.  I’ve just never invested too much thought or time into this particular holiday.  This year we’ve got plans though—we’re going to have a trick-or-treat/wii-night sleepover with the Carlson gang.  Our last wii-night sleepover was pure madness and it wasn’t even Halloween!  I’m tinkering all around Google looking for costume ideas for Ethan.  I think he’s going to be a marching band member.  I’m trying to decide if it will be cute, funny, or annoying to have him play his trumpet at each trick-or-treat door.  Side note: yes, my 3-year old has a trumpet.  Random, I know.  Also, we want to do a dessert-decorating time with the kiddos.  So, I found some ideas and want to ask you all which one you like the most.  Keep in mind that the most difficult/least kid-friendly ones are the spiderweb cookies, although I think they are so cute!  Also, what would you think of a kid playing trumpet at your door? IMG_3735
Cat Cookies

Cat Cookies

Halloween Cupcakes

Ghost cupcakes (not the spiders)-from Disney Family Fun

Spiderweb cookies

Spiderweb Cookies-from the fabulous Bake at 350

Halloween Cupcakes4

Witch cupcakes-from Martha Stewart

Which are your favorite?  Do you have Halloween plans?

Emily - i think for the kids you should either do the RIP cupcakes or the cat cookies

Emily - i love all the halloween sweets!:D I can see our boy playing on a stage now. haha

Heidi - I’ve been trying to think what Nick and I would be, there’s enough instruments around here that we could make up the whole brass or woodwind section!

Claire - Oh my goodness! Look at our boy blow that horn! I can’t wait to be going to those first band concerts and here them play “Go Band Go”! Love you all! - I love the spider web cookies…and those witch cupcakse are amazing. As far as the trumpet playing at each door…I say…HECK YES!! Are you and nick dressing up this year?! :)

Halloween Hangout

I've been missing in action recently from hangout time with some of my amazing friends.  Today we got a chance to  get together for a few hours with all of our kiddos.  With a few simple ideas, we ended up with a fun little Halloween hangout.

IMG_3882I made a quick trip to Michaels last night and Nick helped me make some googly-eyes for a pumpkin project for the kids.

IMG_3885My favorite are the pink and black girly eyes in the middle–Nick made those:) 

IMG_3890I had the table set up the night before so we'd be ready to go.

IMG_3894Jacinda came with some yummy homemade Halloween candy treats that were a hit.

IMG_3896He really did like it, he's just making a 'scary' face!


After lunch and dessert, our pumpkin project was underway.IMG_3901 
IMG_3909The pumpkins were fun, simple, and didn't take too much time away from the adult hangout time, which was REALLY the reason we wanted to get together.:) The kids having a good time was a bonus! 

heather - so adorable and what a fun project for the kiddos! Love all their funny faces :) xoxoxo

mignon - Thank you for such an amazing afternoon with your great food and fun project.
I just love spending time with you and your family.

Saturday Sundaes

I usually work every Thurs, Fri, Sat.  I've been trying to think of a little something for Nick, Ethan, and I to do every Saturday night as a way of celebrating being off work for the next 4 days.  I don't get home until around 8pm so I didn't want it to be anything big or time consuming because about an hour after I get home, Ethan's off to bed and I'm tired!  I wanted a mental push to get me through my last day of work each week, something along the lines of "Tonight is movie night" or "Tonight is build-a-fort-with-sheets-in-the-living-room night."  Anything really.  Well this week we tried "ice-cream-for-dinner night."  I'm not sure if we'll do this every week, but it was fun and Ethan sure was excited for me to get home!  This night worked out extra-well because when I walked in the door the house was spotless!  Nick knew that this work week was more stressful than usual and he wanted me to be able to immediately relax.  He had done the dishes, cleaned the counters and table, vacuumed, organized his music room which has been a mess lately, washed our sheets and duvet, and IRONED our sheets and duvet when he remade the bed (hello ladies! amazing).  So, ice-cream night was off to a great start!

IMG_3858Ethan practicing his sprinkles. 

IMG_3861A little help with the whipped cream.

IMG_3866I know, I know.  Irresponsible parenting! 

Everyone enjoyed our first attempt at a special "work is done for the week" night!

Emily - that’s an awesome idea! you guys look like you’re having a great time. i want ice cream for dinner. haha. love you!!! talk to you soon.

Claire Betner - Ice Cream Night. Why did we never think of that when the gang was Ethan’s age. Too
“by the book”, I guess. I love it and it looks like so much fun. You and Nick are wonderful parents and we love you!!!!

Christi - Way to go Nick!!! Ironing the sheets?!?! AWESOME!!! It sounds like an amazing way to spend a Saturday night (or “work is done for the week” night!) - AWESOME! I love you guys! Way to be awesome Nick!! enjoy your days off girl!! xoxo