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Meet Me

I’m Heidi.  I am married to Nick and mom to Ethan and baby Rowan.  I am a registered nurse.  I have a handful of amazing friendships.  I like making cakes and taking photos of my family and our life–the special stuff and the ordinary stuff.  I am abundantly blessed and I don’t want to forget that on the days when life is hard, stressful, busy, sad, or just not going how I think it should.  Everyday I want to be reminded of the extraordinary beauty of my ordinary life and to take a few minutes to say a prayer of thanks for all the gifts God has given me.

One conversation with my husband sparked the beginning of this blog.  I sat on the couch with a pen and note pad and asked Nick to give me his bucket list off the top of his head.  My original intention was just to start a fun and spontaneous discussion. By the time we had run out of ideas for our lists, I felt excited about what we have yet to experience in our lives and inspired to have a place to capture some of it.  I hope to use this blog as place to combine photos, thoughts, and emotions to create an authentic scrapbook of memories.  If I’m able to connect in a new way to my family, friends, and future blog-friends because of what I share here, then I’m all for it!

Why Life Inspired?

I can’t think of a feeling that gets me more excited than being inspired.  Driven, compassionate people inspire me.  The future inspires me.  My boys inspire me.  Real and vulnerable lives shared offline and online with a supportive community inspire me .  And people who live fully with joy and hope, by having less and giving more, inspire me.  Inspiration drives my motivation.  Whether it’s motivation to plan for the future, enjoy the moment, be healthy, be disciplined, or give back to others in some way, inspiration fuels my motivation to think about a change, then act on it.  Thought turned into action is so empowering!  So, I hope to diligently seek out inspirational people, ideas, and movements to encourage me to live life out loud–and to share this journey here, with you.

Heidi - Thank you Liz for your awesome encouragement!!

elizabeth reddinger - I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading through your blogging history. Well done Mamma!


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