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Camping is a bit crazy. Especially tent camping with kids and a dog. Difficult and time consuming to pack. Difficult and time consuming to unpack. Dirty. Risky with a toddler. Tiring. You catch my drift. But here is my reason that it’s all worth it:  Closeness in proximity to nature and each other breeds closeness […]

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Let’s Do This Together

Life has been moving lately.  Lots of unexpected little twists and challenges.  I’ve been thinking about the use and goals I have envisioned for this blog.  Thinking of how to use it to expand and grow my community of family I call friends and friends I call family.  Thinking of how to use it to maximize […]

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Valentine Delivery

Starting next year, Ethan will deliver Valentines to his classmates.  So we used the opportunity this year to deliver his Buzzing Valentines and Lollipop Cookies to all the real loves in his life.  We took a trek all around town delivering little bits of love, hugs, and smiles. In between deliveries, we passed this sign! I caught this pic of Miss […]

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Making a bucket list was the inspiration for starting this blog.  A lot of the goals on our lists are not things that can be done anytime soon.  Either they would cost too much money, involve too much time off of work, or can't be done with kiddos.  So, after we finished our lists, I […]

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More on Inspiration

I can’t think of a feeling that gets me more excited than being inspired.  Driven, compassionate people inspire me. The future inspires me.  My son inspires me.  Real lives captured on a great blog inspire me.  And people who seemingly have ‘less’ but really are filled with joy and hope inspire me.  Inspiration drives my motivation.  Whether it’s motivation […]

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