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October Kickoff

October in the Central Valley. It’s so deceptive. Usually it graces us with a few cooler days at the start of the month. I get excited and nostalgic. I pull out the crock pot and put on a light sweatshirt in the evening. Then–a long stretch of near 100 degree days! Hot or not, October […]

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Boots and Such.

Happy 2012! There is much catch up to do since we were Waiting on Baby. Baby is here, and Baby is amazing… But, for the moment, I just wanted to take a second to wish all of our family and friends a joyful and inspired New Year. And also, to share my favorite gift given […]

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Valentine Delivery

Starting next year, Ethan will deliver Valentines to his classmates.  So we used the opportunity this year to deliver his Buzzing Valentines and Lollipop Cookies to all the real loves in his life.  We took a trek all around town delivering little bits of love, hugs, and smiles. In between deliveries, we passed this sign! I caught this pic of Miss […]

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Kiddo crafts have been on a down-swing lately at our house.  Lots of birthdays and holidays keep us busy from November thru February and creative time with Ethan takes a backseat.  I figured V-day was a perfect occasion for something crafty.  Ethan asked me if we could make "sparkly glitter hearts" and off to google-search […]

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December Catch-up Part 4: Christmas!

Bits of Christmas in pics:A gingerbread house just wouldn't do for this kiddo.  We, of course, did a gingerbread TRAIN!  A little something for Santa.  A little something for the reindeer.  Santa left a little note for Ethan!Santa's note: "Dear Ethan, Thank you! Those cookies & milk were delicious!! My reindeer loved the carrots too! Merry Christmas, Santa.  P.S. Your […]

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