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Cake Upgrade

I waited a year to make another cake after my first attempt.  The same lucky sis-in-law got this cake also.  I guess her birthday falls in line with when I feel like making cakes every year!  Her birthday was on the same day that she was a bridesmaid in our awesome friend’s wedding.  I didn’t want the […]

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The First Cake

So here it is…my first fondant cake that started my recent cake-making frenzy!  I made this ‘modern circles and stripes’ cake last year for my sis-in-law’s birthday.  I had said to Nick, “Those cakes on The Food Network are so awesome, I wonder if we could try one.”  And off to Michaels I went with my 40%-off-any-one-regular-priced-item coupon in hand to get some supplies. We […]

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I’m joining a couple of cake-making sites/blogs.  For any readers interested in cakes, I’ll share the sites that are helpful, inspirational, and/or fabulous as I find them!  I’m going to be posting my cakes on to my blog to share with any cake-making/baking friends I find.  These posts will be repeats for my facebook friends and fam but […]

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Tid Bits

Life has been fairly quiet this week.  I’ve just been doing little bits of this and that.  Nothing exciting, which has been nice.   Nick had another cyclocross race this past weekend and Ethan upped his game for the kids race by switching to his regular bike instead of the big wheel.  Here’s my favorite photo from the race: […]

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Fabulous 60

I don’t know of that many people turning 60 who really are fabulous, but my mom (aka Rosemary) most definitely is!  At 60, I can only hope to be as vibrant, fun, and lively as she is. She loves her family, being retired, and living life—inspired!! She travels, she loves great food and drink, she […]

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