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Camping is a bit crazy. Especially tent camping with kids and a dog.

Difficult and time consuming to pack. Difficult and time consuming to unpack. Dirty. Risky with a toddler. Tiring. You catch my drift.

But here is my reason that it’s all worth it:  Closeness in proximity to nature and each other breeds closeness in spirit.  There is something magical about it that can’t be replicated.

Waking to the earliest of early light rays.

Taking a look around and inhaling all that it means to put aside distractions and live in the one true and glorious moment in front of me.

Sneaking out from my cozy sleeping bag as slowly and quietly as I can to capture this: My heart. Closeness in proximity and closeness in spirit.

Oh, how I have missed capturing and documenting these amazing lives.

More to come.

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