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Neon Jog-a-thon

Yesterday we had too much fun watching Ethan and his friends run their Jog-a-thon.  Neon colors always add an extra dose of flair to an event and some of the teachers and students really did it up with the colors.  We found neon shirts for me, Ethan, and Rowan at Michaels for $10 total! (Love their 40% off coupons!)  Nick was out of luck on a cheap neon find but we were happy to have him there in his plain ol’ grey shirt.  The kindergarten classes only ran for 6 minutes, but it was 6 minutes of pure comedy!  Disclaimer:  I wonder if a parent of another child would not be too thrilled if they stumbled across pics of their kids on here who happened to be in the shots with Ethan.  I’m not sure…but I’ll limit the pics I post here to the ones where I was able to crop out most of the other kids, except of course for Ethan’s best friend!  Up first was J’s class.

The little brothers seemed less than thrilled to be missing out on a nap, both little L and Rowan.
Nick and sleepy Rowan.
Next it was Ethan’s turn-I’d swear by these pics that he’s saying, ‘Let’s Do This’!
He was all business before he started, and all smiles while he ran.  
I know I have a very limited time frame left where he’ll openly offer me a kiss at school.  I’ll take it while I can.

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