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Here we go.  Today we start Kindergarten.  As Ethan learns tons of stuff this year, we’ll also be learning with him.  Mainly how to let go of being in control over how his whole day is structured , how to let this experience be his, and how to adjust to a set school schedule.  No more mid-week beach trips when the traffic is sparse and hotel rates are low.  No more Thursday morning Ikea trips.  Man, I loved hanging out with all the retired folks on the beach on a Monday morning…but now, we’ll be fighting for weekend hotel reservations and waiting in long lines with the best of ‘em.  It will be a challenge for me to trust that he will be safe, make friends, be a good friend, and continue to come to me anytime he has a problem.  But, he’s pretty awesome and that makes me feel like I have a good head start facing that challenge!  I’m so excited for Ethan though.  He had an incredible preschool experience and is so ready for this year! And once all the emotion and jitters on my part wind down, I know that I’ll be ready too.  I’m looking forward to giving Rowan more personal attention and to having more stillness and silence during the day when I can give some time to my back-shelf projects and passions.  But, as great as all that will be, I already can’t wait to pick him up and hear all about his day!

So fun to look back at him a year ago, before he was a big brother and a big Kindergartener!

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