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A New Smile

Just a few nights ago, my 5-year old ran out from the bathroom during bedtime teeth brushing to find me.

“Mommy, come quick.  You have to come see what’s happening to me!”—–

Uhh, what?!  I had no idea what I might discover in there.  He seemed urgently excited-rather than concerned-so I followed and hoped that whatever it was wouldn’t require fixing via a plunger, tools, excessive towels, or a trip to the urologist……

Ethan jumped up on his step stool and showed me his first loose tooth that Nick had just discovered while helping him brush.  He was sooo excited.  I hugged him tight, told him how incredibly cool that is, and stepped out to tell myself to pull it together and not dive into a soul-searching meltdown over the meaning of my boy’s first loose tooth.  It just hit me as a defining moment of his transition from baby boy to just plain-and-simple boy.  Not a hint of baby left for sure.

We’ve been watching that bad boy like a hawk for a few days and it quickly went from having a slight wiggle to having a major wiggle.  I knew I’d better capture that contagious smile in all its little boy glory before it was forever changed.

I’m glad I did because tonight it’s looks like we’ll be leaving a night light on for the tooth fairy.  That little tooth is tucked snug under my boy’s pillow while Nick and I sit up deciding how much coinage the tooth fairy leaves these days.
I barely had time to blink before that tooth went from loose to missing and I definitely think I’m just as infatuated with this new smile as I was with the original.

Auntie Heather - Love this so much. He melts me…and now even more with that adorable toothless grin. He’s getting so big so fast…I couldn’t help but tear up myself. xoxo

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