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A few weeks back, Ethan spent the day at the Castle Air Museum with Daddy and Pop.

They had an all boys day while Rowan and I spent a quiet afternoon together at home. Nick took our camera and shot some great pictures.  He was bummed they only got about one third of the way through the museum before the batteries died.  I was secretly glad because he tends to fire away on that shutter button like no one’s business, usually leaving me with hundreds of photos to sort through no matter how big or small the event.  Sorry Nick, but it’s true!

I loved that I wasn’t there because Ethan got to sit next to me as I edited and tell me all about each photo.  It made it his day, his stories.  It was like he was reading to me from a book.  He retold everything Pop taught him that day.  And Pop knows a lot about these things after a full career of working with military aircraft.  Ethan forgets nothing, he amazes me with the information he retains.  I now know which airplanes are for cargo, attacking, spy missions, bombing…could there be any better place to take a boy?!

I had fun editing these and spent some time becoming familiar with new blog photo templates I downloaded from Pugly Pixel.  I’ll pause here for some praise for Katrina at Pugly Pixel: I loooove her blog accessory designs.  They are original, quirky, and fun.  She shares tons of freebies and tutorials, and you can purchase super awesome extras for a very slim price tag!  Her goodies will probably have my blog looking like a big mismatch of design fun while I try out new stuff with each post.  Now, back to the air museum.  Here’s their day told by Nick’s shots.

A little FYI side note:  I wrote this post in my recliner with one hand while cuddling Rowan with my other arm.  Good thing I’m right handed and he prefers a left-side cradle!

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