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Boots and Such.

Happy 2012!

There is much catch up to do since we were Waiting on Baby. Baby is here, and Baby is amazing…

But, for the moment, I just wanted to take a second to wish all of our family and friends a joyful and inspired New Year.

And also, to share my favorite gift given to me for Christmas.

I made a comment a while back about wishing I had some cowgirl boots for a favorite skirt of mine.  The thought didn’t stick with me because I never ended up searching for boots to fit the bill.  But Nick remembered.  He not only remembered…he searched high and low for boots he thought I would love.  He shopped for boots. For me. Without guidance.


I might compare this to throwing him towards a wolf pack.    Not. A. Chance.    Honestly, the chances of him finding the right style…fit…shape…color…heel… consider it Mission Impossible, really.  And yet, he came through.  BiG!   He remembered, he searched, he debated and questioned, he decided, he showed me LOVE.  And he nailed it too. I love the boots he chose: love the style, love the fit, love the shape, love the color, love the heel…….but really, it’s not about the boots.  It’s about the intention he showed.  The labor he went through to find the perfect, surprise gift.  He made me feel special and loved and there is no better way to go about giving.

For birthdays, Christmas, and other times of gift giving, I try to put in thought and effort to make the ones I love–the ones who love me—feel special.  And after being on the receiving end—I’m excited to put more intention into giving in the coming year.

All of this over some (awesome) boots.

Kimberly - What a man Nick is! I absolutely LOVE those boots. I’ve always wanted a pair like that myself.

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