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Waiting on Baby

Last Thursday was our 37 week  pregnancy appointment—such a big milestone!  It marks what will soon be the end of carrying this baby in my belly and the start of carrying him in our arms!  We’d been anticipating finding out if I was anywhere close to being ready for delivery.  Sure enough, the Doc repeated word-for-word the same thing I was told when I was 37 weeks with Ethan… “You’re dilated 2 centimeters.”

Sweet!  When I had been told that with Ethan, I was holding him in my arms a day later!!  We got excited and anxious…packing bags and noticing every little baby movement and twinge of back pain.  Contractions?! I think so!  Would we really have another baby right at 37 weeks?!

Nope, he’s still hanging out in there 5 days later.  And I’m going crazy waiting for all of us to welcome him into our little world.

I needed something to take up some of my time and thought today.  I’ve been bumming a bit about having very few pregnancy pics this time around.  Nick and I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot in the orchards near our house.  Nick did such a great job.  Sometimes our camera stresses him a bit, but he was calm and fun and I think the photo above might be my favorite of us together ever!  We got some cute shots, I think some will make their way onto our walls.  I’m so glad we went for it, even if we felt like we were mostly practicing and playing!

Time will tell what this week will bring.  This waiting game is helping me be patient and enjoy what’s happening in this moment.  Enjoy your week and your daily doses of joy — whether they’re small or large!

admin - Don’t know how I missed your comment, but thank you my dear, loving, uplifting, priceless friend. Love you!

Jacinda - You look so beautiful! I know its been a long wait, but its been so great to have so much time together with you. Cant wait to have Baby R here. love you tons!!!!

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