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Let’s Do This Together

Life has been moving lately.  Lots of unexpected little twists and challenges.  I’ve been thinking about the use and goals I have envisioned for this blog.  Thinking of how to use it to expand and grow my community of family I call friends and friends I call family.  Thinking of how to use it to maximize the time I’ll spend creating it and the time you’ll spend reading it.  I’m starting a new thread called, “Let’s Do This Together.”  If I’m facing a challenge, I tend to rationalize the reasons why and how I should be able to handle it myself.  I know there is a better way to face challenges than all on your own, and I need practice.  I want to see sharing my goals and fears, my successes and failures, as a strength.  If there’s an area where I’m feeling stretched…challenged…feeling that inner tug to make a change, I’m going to share it here with the idea that you also might be feeling something similar and we can face it together.  Supporting each other, cheering or crying with one another, always continuing to move forward.

The challenge I’m feeling right now is to improve the practice of inhabiting my days.  Finding the joys of today that really are right in front of me and not as elusive as I think them to be.  Realizing that the small things make up the big picture and then investing in those small things with reckless abandon.  I’m starting this journey today with a book, “Life Is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally” by Patti Digh.  I’ve read just the intro and first chapter and I’m breathing heavier with tears in the corners of my eyes; feeling the challenge of change that the words and questions in this book are provoking inside of me.  And today, I’m going with it; diving in, writing in the margins, being a participant instead of a bystander in my days, joining in on the conversation of my life.

Here’s the challenge for me and for you: Let’s Do This Together.  Through phone calls, emails, blog comments, facebook, whatever works.  I found this book on Amazon for $13.  Order it today or find it at a book store and then let me know that you did so we can start sharing our thoughts with each other.  Happy mid-week friends.

Kimberly - I want this book :) oh, and I’m proud of you.

Emily - This is great Heidi:) I’ll look into the book for sure

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