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Valentine Delivery

Starting next year, Ethan will deliver Valentines to his classmates.  So we used the opportunity this year to deliver his Buzzing Valentines and Lollipop Cookies to all the real loves in his life.  We took a trek all around town delivering little bits of love, hugs, and smiles.

IMG_7049In between deliveries, we passed this sign!IMG_7052
IMG_7082I caught this pic of Miss V breaking in her daddy’s new shoes–soo adorable!Gram-Split
At the end of the day I was tired from all the crafting and driving and I thought about what I would have done with my day if we had not took the time to celebrate the loved ones in our lives.  I would have done a little laundry, cleaned up here and there, renewed our car registration, made dentist appointments, and crossed off a few other to-do’s.  Looking at all the pictures really hit home the reminder that it so much better to let the to do’s sit undone sometimes and instead, invest thought and time into the people who make your lives so full! How did you spend your V-day?  Did you date your sweetheart? your kids? your friends?  Whatever you did, I hope you spread some love and got some in return! - Loved loved seeing Ethan yesterday…the best surprise at work ever…a valentine from my fav nephew! xoxo

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