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Kiddo crafts have been on a down-swing lately at our house.  Lots of birthdays and holidays keep us busy from November thru February and creative time with Ethan takes a backseat.  I figured V-day was a perfect occasion for something crafty.  Ethan asked me if we could make "sparkly glitter hearts" and off to google-search land (and Michael's) I went for some ideas.  Side note: I LOVE the internet.  Almost every cake, craft, party, etc. idea I have stems from something I saw online!  So, next year when you're thinking of what to send with your kiddos for their V-day parties at school, check back here and try these Buzzzzing Valentine's.  They were cute, fun, and easy!  I found these on the Disney Family Fun website and it even included a short video on how to make them. (I love this website-sooo many ideas!)  The only changes I made were to use craft foam instead of paperstock for the hearts and felt instead of tissue for the bee wings because I wanted them to stand up to a 4-year old delivery!  We added-of course-some sparkly glitter hearts too.  Here's the finished product—And as I'm writing this, I'm thinking you could do this same idea for St. Patrick's Day (green foam clovers), Easter (pastel foam flowers), etc.  Hmmm…this craft might be seen again in 2011!Hearts-split
And, even though I really didn't feel like spending more time on V-day projects, I just couldn't resist trying these adorable cookie lollipops I found on  (Another website I love and use a lot!)  I read some reviews and made a few changes based on several of them.  I used 4 oz. cream cheese, 1 tablespoon of vanilla, added 1/4 cup extra of sugar,  and 2 tablespoons extra of flour.  Rolling out the different colors was a bit time consuming but the end product is so cute and fun!  Do you own a food scale? If you bake often, you should!  Weighing your ingredients (in place of measuring) can make all the difference in the final texture of your food.  And my scale came in handy for these cookies too.  I didn't want varying sizes of lollipops, so I used my scale to weigh each dough section before forming the cookies.  It was fast and they all came out (about) the same size.  This is another idea that can be used for many occasions…Easter, birthday parties, baby showers, etc.  Here's another idea: Put some foam in a flower pot and make a lollipop cookie bouquet.  I might try these again this year too!IMG_7033

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