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December Catch-up Part 4: Christmas!

Bits of Christmas in pics:IMG_4628A gingerbread house just wouldn't do for this kiddo.  We, of course, did a gingerbread TRAIN!
IMG_4633 A little something for Santa.

IMG_4635 A little something for the reindeer.

IMG_4637Santa left a little note for Ethan!
IMG_4641Santa's note: "Dear Ethan, Thank you! Those cookies & milk were delicious!! My reindeer loved the carrots too! Merry Christmas, Santa.  P.S. Your fireplace was quite difficult to get through! I got in, but I made a mess of things! I hope your daddy can fix it!"
IMG_4638Haha! Ethan had been questioning how Santa was going to come down the fireplace when there is glass in front of it…well, he figured it out!  Gotta love the extra mile that Santa goes for the kiddos! 
Fun A little fun before Christmas dinner with the fam.
GiftsEthan's such a blessed boy.  He has so many people that love him!! Above are Auntie Em and Great-Grandpa and below are Grammy and Pop!
IMG_4681Merry Christmas 2010!

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