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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Train Birthday Cupcakes

I made such a mess making Ethan’s train party cupcakes that I decided it needed a post all it’s own.  Here are 2 tips I have for you…learned from hands on experience…with photographic proof! #1-Use a pastry bag large enough for your frosting needs.#2-Don’t overfill your dry ingredients in the mixer, especially without a shield over […]

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December Catch-up Part 2: Train Crazy

Nick and I spent several weeks before Ethan’s birthday deciding if we should do a low-key gathering somewhere outside the house (easy!) or do a train-themed party at our house with all the train bells and whistles (not-so-easy!).  It’s always a balancing game deciding between what is easy and low stress vs. investing time and thought into making your […]

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