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December Catch-up Part 1: Capturing Ethan at 4

Every year before Ethan's birthday, we take him to get pictures done at JCPenney's to capture one last snapshot before he bounds into another year.  The scenario usually involves Ethan sitting watching a cartoon in their waiting area with tons of little boys in Christmas sweaters and baby girls in red velvet dresses, white tights, and black patent shoes.  We usually wait a good hour past our appointment time, then have to stand at the computer after the pics are done to choose all our photos right then. Ethan's always over it by that point, and I'm trying to decide if grandmas are geting a 5×7 or an 8×10 this year, AND the staff is trying to convince me that the shaded edges are soo much more fancy than the plain edges–for only double the price!  To their credit, they do deliver cute pics at dirt cheap prices, but boy do you pay for it in inconvenience and stress!  Anyhow, this year I really wanted a different photo experience…and I found it!  I won't be clipping JCP photo coupons anymore. My amazing friend, Kimberly Carlson, has been expanding her photography business this past year and I was so excited to get the chance to book her for Ethan's photos. It is such an amazing thing to perfectly capture moments of joy and energy in your kiddos lives as those moments fly by!EthanDouble-4 Ethan is train-crazy, so this location was perfection!EthanEdited-69

EthanEdited-54 EthanEdited-57 

Love, love, love my boy and these beautiful photos!!

Emily - the pictures are amazing!!

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