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Monthly Archives: November 2010


 So, I'm in a funk.  Today is day 2 of it.  The problem with funks is that your mood is difficult to rationalize.  The way you're feeling is usually not in proportion to what's happening around you.  Things are good!  Yet I feel dumpy.  It puts a screeching halt to all motivation, inspiration, and productivity.  […]

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Getting Snow Ready

One day of cooler weather was all it took to switch our minds on to winter mode.  Costco had a great deal on gloves and Payless came through with their BOGO sale for snow boots for everyone.  They didn’t have a lot to choose from but the selection of boots they did have were pretty cute and the […]

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Like Daddy, like Ethan.

I really, really love it when Ethan wants to do the things Nick does.  Nick has some pretty challenging and rewarding interests and seeing Ethan excited to be a part of it is so great!  After Nick's cyclocross race on Halloween, Ethan got to enter his first bike race.  The great thing about getting kiddos involved in sports, […]

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Making a bucket list was the inspiration for starting this blog.  A lot of the goals on our lists are not things that can be done anytime soon.  Either they would cost too much money, involve too much time off of work, or can't be done with kiddos.  So, after we finished our lists, I […]

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