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Cake Upgrade

I waited a year to make another cake after my first attempt.  The same lucky sis-in-law got this cake also.  I guess her birthday falls in line with when I feel like making cakes every year!  Her birthday was on the same day that she was a bridesmaid in our awesome friend’s wedding.  I didn’t want the special-ness of her birthday to get lost amongst the wedding hoopla but I didn’t want to take away any of the bride’s attention either, so I pre-planned with the bride to surprise the b-day girl with her own mini birthday cake after the bride-and-groom cut their cake.  Nick and I drove this cake all the way to San Francisco and gave it to her while the bridal party sang “Happy Birthday.”  Super fun and sweet moment.  This cake was made from scratch!  Also, I had seen buckets of fondant lining the shop on one of the cake-reality shows (don’t remember which one) that said Satin Ice.  I researched a little bit and decided that Satin Ice would be my fondant of choice starting from this cake!  You can’t really tell from the photo but this is a small cake, maybe 6-7 inches high.  It is a 3 tiered, red velvet cake made from scratch with lemon cream cheese frosting.  I wanted the cake to blend with the outdoorsy wedding-ness of the day so I included cascading handmade fondant cherry blossoms and used neutral colors.  I didn’t get a good pic of Heather with her cake, so here’s a pic of the bridesmaid-birthday girl with her brother–aka my husband–.  It was rather windy and chilly, hence the sweatshirt over the nice clothes and windblown hair!

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