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Bridal Shower Cake

I give all credit for getting my first ‘real’ (aka cash paying!) customer to social networking.  I made a cake for someone, who showed someone else a pic of that cake on Facebook, who knew someone hosting a bridal shower, and bam! there I am in the middle of the night freaking out because not only does my grey colored fondant look PURPLE under my fluorescent lights but also my fondant keeps CRACKING over the edges of the cake!!  GOOGLE SEARCH:  HOW TO STOP FONDANT FROM CRACKING!!  Deep breath……shortening, knead some shortening into it.  Ok, Ok, this just might be ok…it HAS to be ok because I’m being PAID for this cake, as in someone else’s MONEY!!!………..So, in case there was any doubt, I was stressed!

Just when someone wants to pay me to do what I’m not so sure I should be charging to do because I’m not too experienced (I’m telling you, cracks in your confidence can start a downward spiral if you’re not careful) is when cake-making started to go wrong.  BUT thanks to google, middle of the night help from Nick, and no option to quit, the cake turned out great (thank you LORD, seriously!) and was delivered to Sunnyside Country Club.  The party guests who were already there when I delivered the cake complimented that it was beautiful and I later heard that it tasted good too!  There was even a rumor that the bride-to-be’s mother talked of me making the wedding cake!  I was actually relieved that the offer never got to me because I about cracked under the pressure of a shower cake… so imagine a wedding cake!!  The cake was two tiers.  Each tier was 3 layers of white cake with lemon-buttercream filling.  The hostess gave me these cards for design inspiration and told me I could do whatever I wanted…

And here’s what I came up with

And here’s a shot of the cake set up at the shower.  Best wishes for the newlyweds!

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