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Tid Bits

Life has been fairly quiet this week.  I’ve just been doing little bits of this and that.  Nothing exciting, which has been nice.   Nick had another cyclocross race this past weekend and Ethan upped his game for the kids race by switching to his regular bike instead of the big wheel.  Here’s my favorite photo from the race:  

Another tid bit:  Yesterday, when I was unloading groceries, my neighbor was working in her yard and gave me some flowers she had just cut.  They brightened my table and my mood.  Aren’t they beautiful?

And lastly, cake-making is picking up over the next month or so.  I’ve been working on a cake for an oh-so-sweet girl who will be turning 7.  I’ve been making my first gumpaste flowers and am surprised at how much I loved doing these.  I’ll post the whole cake after the birthday girl has seen it first, but here’s a preview:

Has your week been quiet or busy?  Which do you prefer?  For all of the Monday thru Friday-ers, enjoy your upcoming weekend.:)

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