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So, I'm in a funk.  Today is day 2 of it.  The problem with funks is that your mood is difficult to rationalize.  The way you're feeling is usually not in proportion to what's happening around you.  Things are good!  Yet I feel dumpy.  It puts a screeching halt to all motivation, inspiration, and productivity.  It makes me a master at disengagement.  My funky moods start with feeling a bit down, then highly irritable, then annoyed at myself, then guilty for dragging others into my pit, then depressed for not being able to pinpoint what started the whole thing to begin with.  Not a fun cycle to be revolving in.  I'm beginning to wonder if I should just embrace my funks when they're happening instead of trying to explain them.  Maybe move forward in my day even if the funk tags along instead of stopping everything to make time to judge myself for feeling down.  If I wake up tomorrow with this mood still lingering, I'm going to try the embracing and moving on method.  Anyone else battling with a funk recently?  Do you all have any advice on how to extinguish it?  Thanks friends; for listening.

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