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Like Daddy, like Ethan.

I really, really love it when Ethan wants to do the things Nick does.  Nick has some pretty challenging and rewarding interests and seeing Ethan excited to be a part of it is so great!  After Nick's cyclocross race on Halloween, Ethan got to enter his first bike race.  The great thing about getting kiddos involved in sports, music, or any hobby early is that they have nothing to lose.  They have no need to feel nervous, no expectations, no regrets!IMG_4109He got his own race number. 

IMG_4106Getting his gear in order before the race.

IMG_4197Focusing before the start.

IMG_4201At the starting line.

IMG_4203Checking out the competition.

IMG_4204Waiting for the go-ahead.

IMG_4206And they were off!

IMG_4210He seemed proud of his performance!


IMG_4215The 2 finishers. 

IMG_4218A little post-race hydration.

IMG_4223Refueling with some electrolytes (capri-sun) and complex carbs (fruit snacks).

IMG_4224A shot of all the participants who rode in their costumes.

It was such a fun morning! 

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