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Ghostly Seats

I found this idea for Halloween seatcovers online but now that I'm trying to look up the website to give credit, I can't find it!  Anyhow, someone online shared their great idea and I thought I'd give it a try. I bought 6 white pillowcases and washed and ironed them.  Michaels was out of black felt (OUT OF BLACK FELT a week before Halloween?!?! Come on Michaels, really?!) so I had to improvise.  They had $0.99 black reusable shopping bags that worked out great. IMG_4036I couldn't find ghost face templates that I liked, so I drew out some friendly and some spooky ghost eyes and mouths. 
IMG_4039I printed out a bat template and went about cutting out my ghost faces and bats from the black bags.  Then I was ready to put it all together.IMG_4045I wasn't sure what type of glue would be best so I used Tacky Glue because I already had some.  It dried fast and held great. 
Ethan loved the finished product!  Like I said here, Halloween never gets much attention at our house but I figured a few decorations would be fun since we had plans this year.  I wanted to get this posted before Halloween in case anyone else wanted to try this easy project.  You'll just have to keep it in mind for next year!

Emily - for all the stress they caused you they turned out really cute:)

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