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Simonian Farms

Last weekend we headed to Simonian Farms to stroll around their pumpkin patch.  We opted out of going to Cobb Ranch to check out the corn maze when I found out you have to pay to get in, and pay more if you want to do anything!  Simonian Farms had a free haunted caboose which I thought we might be able to convince Ethan to go through.  He hates scary things but loves trains, so I figured we had a 50-50 shot.  As soon as he heard the spooky music and screaming coming from inside, there was not even a 1% chance he was about to step foot in there, train or not!  So we strolled around, did a hay ride around the farm, and picked out some pumpkins.  It was short, sweet, and cheap!IMG_3937
IMG_3938 Waiting for the hayride.
IMG_3941 Getting bored waiting for the hayride.
IMG_3945 Me telling Nick that he's taking entirely too many pictures.
IMG_3954Can't remember what we were looking at here but I love the matching faces! 
IMG_3989Our hayride chauffeur. 
IMG_3991Starting our search for our perfect pumpkin. 
IMG_3994Ethan found his first. 
IMG_3996Then Nick. 
IMG_3997 Of course I took the longest to choose my pumpkin.  I have this never-ending little problem of questioning every decision I make–big or small–including picking a pumpkin!  But here's the winning pumpkin. Happy Halloween friends!

Emily - that hayride looks really fun!

Emily - you look ao atrong holdin that pumpkin haha

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