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Halloween Love

Halloween usually doesn’t get much love at my house.  The only Halloween decoration I have is Ethan’s dollar store trick-or-treat pumpkin bucket from last year.  I’ve just never invested too much thought or time into this particular holiday.  This year we’ve got plans though—we’re going to have a trick-or-treat/wii-night sleepover with the Carlson gang.  Our last wii-night sleepover was pure madness and it wasn’t even Halloween!  I’m tinkering all around Google looking for costume ideas for Ethan.  I think he’s going to be a marching band member.  I’m trying to decide if it will be cute, funny, or annoying to have him play his trumpet at each trick-or-treat door.  Side note: yes, my 3-year old has a trumpet.  Random, I know.  Also, we want to do a dessert-decorating time with the kiddos.  So, I found some ideas and want to ask you all which one you like the most.  Keep in mind that the most difficult/least kid-friendly ones are the spiderweb cookies, although I think they are so cute!  Also, what would you think of a kid playing trumpet at your door? IMG_3735
Cat Cookies

Cat Cookies

Halloween Cupcakes

Ghost cupcakes (not the spiders)-from Disney Family Fun

Spiderweb cookies

Spiderweb Cookies-from the fabulous Bake at 350

Halloween Cupcakes4

Witch cupcakes-from Martha Stewart

Which are your favorite?  Do you have Halloween plans?

Emily - i think for the kids you should either do the RIP cupcakes or the cat cookies

Emily - i love all the halloween sweets!:D I can see our boy playing on a stage now. haha

Heidi - I’ve been trying to think what Nick and I would be, there’s enough instruments around here that we could make up the whole brass or woodwind section!

Claire - Oh my goodness! Look at our boy blow that horn! I can’t wait to be going to those first band concerts and here them play “Go Band Go”! Love you all! - I love the spider web cookies…and those witch cupcakse are amazing. As far as the trumpet playing at each door…I say…HECK YES!! Are you and nick dressing up this year?! :)

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