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Halloween Hangout

I've been missing in action recently from hangout time with some of my amazing friends.  Today we got a chance to  get together for a few hours with all of our kiddos.  With a few simple ideas, we ended up with a fun little Halloween hangout.

IMG_3882I made a quick trip to Michaels last night and Nick helped me make some googly-eyes for a pumpkin project for the kids.

IMG_3885My favorite are the pink and black girly eyes in the middle–Nick made those:) 

IMG_3890I had the table set up the night before so we'd be ready to go.

IMG_3894Jacinda came with some yummy homemade Halloween candy treats that were a hit.

IMG_3896He really did like it, he's just making a 'scary' face!


After lunch and dessert, our pumpkin project was underway.IMG_3901 
IMG_3909The pumpkins were fun, simple, and didn't take too much time away from the adult hangout time, which was REALLY the reason we wanted to get together.:) The kids having a good time was a bonus! 

heather - so adorable and what a fun project for the kiddos! Love all their funny faces :) xoxoxo

mignon - Thank you for such an amazing afternoon with your great food and fun project.
I just love spending time with you and your family.

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