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Fabulous 60

I don’t know of that many people turning 60 who really are fabulous, but my mom (aka Rosemary) most definitely is!  At 60, I can only hope to be as vibrant, fun, and lively as she is. She loves her family, being retired, and living life—inspired!! She travels, she loves great food and drink, she exercises, she laughs, and she kisses you every time she sees you.  For her birthday, we went with two of her BFF’s to Wassabi and enjoyed a little of everything they offer on their huge menu, then headed to the Daily Grill where I finally got my chance to have their grapefruit lemon drop I keep hearing about–at the happy hour price!!  It was such a fun celebration!  Here she is (on the left) with 2 of her BFF’s.  They’re all so fun together!

Happy Birthday!!

The zebra cake was her birthday gift from me.  When I made the cake, I just wanted to do something fun but didn’t know how perfectly it would go with the celebration.  When we showed up at Wassabi, Rosemary was wearing black and white, both of her BFF’s had zebra stripes on their shirts, and one of her gifts was red, black, and white-zebra themed. And none of that was planned–it was all perfectly fun!

Claire Betner - Wonderful pictures and you all look so happy. Rosemary looks on top of the world! Beautiful cake as usual and so many wonderful times were shared by all, I’m sure. Love your “blog”. I guess that’s the correct term. I’m new at this but trying to keep up. Love you all! Claire - So awesome! The cake turned it perfectly and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROSEMARY!! She is amazing and truely inspirational!! xoxox

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