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I can’t think of a feeling that gets me more excited than being inspired.  Driven, compassionate people inspire me. The future inspires me.  My son inspires me.  Real lives captured on a great blog inspire me.  And people who seemingly have ‘less’ but really are filled with joy and hope inspire me.  Inspiration drives my motivation.  Whether it’s motivation to plan for the future, enjoy the moment, be healthy, be disciplined, or give back to others in some way, inspiration fuels my motivation to think about a change, then act on it.  Thought turned into action is so empowering!  So, I hope to diligently seek out inspirational people, ideas, and movements to encourage me to live life outloud.

Recently I was inspired by an article in the Costco Connection on TOMS shoes.  The article highlights the TOMS company and their “One for One” movement: for every pair of shoes they sell, they give one pair to a needy child.  The company has donated over 1 million pairs of shoes since it launched in 2006.  Amazing!  The article also highlights how TOMS has inspired other companies to take on the “One for One” message to further extend resources to help those in need.  Click the link above or the photo below  to check out the article.  Here is TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie, with children who have benefited from his thoughts turned into action.  Look at the joy on their faces!


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