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One conversation with my husband sparked the beginning of this blog…”Tell me what you want to do while you are still alive.”  I sat on the couch with a pen and note pad and asked Nick to give me his bucket list off the top of his head.  My original intention was just to start a fun and spontaneous discussion.  By the time we had run out of ideas for our lists, I felt excited about what we have yet to experience in our lives and inspired to have a place to capture some of it.  Lately I feel that rushed sense that time really is passing too quickly and I hope to use this blog as place to combine snapshots, thoughts, and emotions to create an authentic scrapbook of memories.  If I’m able to connect in a new way to my family, friends, and future blog-friends because of this page, then I’m all for it!  So, to end my first post, I’ll share with you one of my bucket list items:

Visit Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

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Kimberly - Yay! I love it love!

Heather - I love your bucket list! So excited to see and hear about it all on here! Side note: Can I please come with you when you go to the Great Barrier Reef…seriously isn’t it amazing?! Love you girl and cheers to your blog!! :)

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